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Zappiti Media Center is a free media player software and entertainment hub that can be installed on OS X, Windows, or Media Player (Zappiti Player) featuring an astonishing user interface with movie covers. Using Zappiti Media Center V4, you can experience your entire movie and TV series collection, browse through and play your titles from local and network storage media, watch cast and various infos, download subtitles, play trailers and much more within your PC, Mac or your TV through Zappiti Player 4K.

Zappiti Media Center V4: installation

Zappiti is a global solution dedicated to manage your multimedia library through a cover browser interface. This is how it works:

Download Zappiti media center software (PC/MAC) via: Then install it.
If you use Zappiti Player 4K, just power on your Zappiti Player 4K then click on "Z" icon to lauch Zappiti Media Center. Then, click on Zappiti. (Zappiti Explorer is just a simple video browser).

Token number Zappiti

When you'll start Zappiti for the first time, you'll have choice between Zappiti Server Cloud, Zappiti Server PC/Mac or Zappiti Server Synology (click here for more info about the different solutions...). On the main screen of Zappiti Media Center, click of the solution of your choice. Then, you'll have to create a Zappiti account. Be carefull! If you have a Zappiti Player 4K, you also have to create an accound. This account is different that your GooglePlay account. So, please follow the full procedure to create your accout. If you already use the old version of Zappiti Media Center (V2 or V3), you can enter your Zappiti Account.

If you own a Zappiti Player 4K and if you want to use Zappiti Server Cloud, you will have another step: please enter the Token code printed on a sticker located on the bottom of the Zappiti Player 4K. You can find this code on the giftbox too.

Zappiti organizes automatically your media collection (Movies, TV Shows, Musics) in categories and offers a simple, easy and stylish navigation by using cover arts or album thumbnails browsing with synopsis and various media infos. Before you start using Zappiti, you must create two different folders:

1. Please, create a folder named "MOVIES" and copy all your movie and concert files in it.
2. Rename the movie files with the exact movie title. For example : the movie "Metropolis" in MKV format should be named as "Metropolis.mkv".

TV Shows
1. Create a "TV Shows" folder and copy all your TV Show files in it.
2. Your episode files can be placed loose in your folder "TV Shows". Episode files must be named as follows: "name s01e01"."s" stands for "season" while "e" stands for "episode". For example: "Tornado s01e03.mkv".Then, on the setup page, click "Add a folder containing movies" browse your files and select your folders MOVIES. Do the same for your TV SHOWS. On PC/MAC, click on the Validate button. On Zappiti Player 4K, press "RETURN" button of your RC. Zappiti will analyse your video files and scrap movie covers and various infos.

Voir la vidéo

On your PC/MAC, you can browse your collections and play your videos. If you have a Zappiti Player, you can use Zappiti Media Center directly on your Media Player connected to your TV set. On PC/MAC, please use right click to display the popup menu. Other options are located on the top of the screen. On Zappiti Player 4K, please use MENU button to display the popup menu.

You can choose to execute Zappiti at the player start up via the dedicaced feature in the setup menu of Zappiti Player.

Zappiti Media Center V4 features a new smart and powerfull movie/TV show scan engine. Day after day, the Zappiti Database will grow up thanks to the Zappiti community and the scan will be more and more efficient and reliable. For example, for Metropolis.mkv, Zappiti can associate the 2001 japanese animated movie version instead of the 1927 version from Fritz Lang. But if one single user associates the right version, all the other users will benefit from it!

Zappiti Player 4K (Realtek)



Zappiti Player 4K RC

Use alkaline AAA batteries.
Observe polarity when inserting batteries.
Direct the remote control to the player. There must be no obstacles between the RC and the player.
If RC functions only at short distances or stops functioning, make sure to replace the batteries.
Some RC buttons may have several functions depending on the current player mode.
Some RC buttons may be available only in certain player modes or only during playback of a certain content.


Zappiti Player 4K: First steps

Getting Started

Ensure there is enough space around the player for proper cooling. The space at each side should be not less than 10 cm. Ensure the RC has batteries installed.
Connect the player to your TV and to other A/V equipment in an appropriate way. Use HDMI connection to get the best possible quality of video and audio. Make sure to switch off the player and all relevant A/V equipment before connecting them. Ensure your TV and other A/V equipment are configured to use proper inputs.
Make sure to use HDMI OUT (not HDMI IN) connection to link your ZAPPITI PLAYER 4K to your TV.
Switch on the player. The player will perform its initial loading procedure, which may take up to about 1 minute. During the loading procedure, "ZAPPITI PLAYER" logo is shown on the TV.

If you do not see "ZAPPITI PLAYER" logo on the TV when you switch on the player, it may mean some problem with the connection between the player and the TV or that a wrong video input is chosen in the TV or A/V receiver/switch. In such a case, recheck the cables and the settings of the TV or A/V receiver/switch, or try to use different cables or a different way of connecting the player to the TV.

Finally, you should see the main screen of the player menu. The main screen shows items allowing to use different applications and access all storage devices and network drives connected to the player. Adjust the player settings as needed using "SETUP" item on the main screen of the player menu. In particular, you may want to adjust video settings, audio settings, and network settings.

WARNING: after firmware update and restart, please restart again the Zappiti Player 4K.

To choose the language of the player menu, use "Settings / Personal / Language & input" setting.

Use the RC buttons UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, OK, RETURN to navigate through the player menu. Use the MENU RC button to show the list of available commands. Use the INFO RC button to show the INFO pannel.

Connect to PlayStore

Before to start using your Zappiti Player, you need to update Android apps:
1. On the home page, please click the GooglePlay button.
2. Please fill your Google email and password. If you don't have any Google email, please create an account on Google from any computer connected to the Internet.
3. By using the AirMouse, please click on the left of the scren and drag to the right. The, click on My Application and click the button « Update all ».

Add your own applications

The Zappiti Player 4K Mini is compatible with GooglePlay. So you can install your own Android applications.

Set your personal home page

The home page of the Zappiti Player 4K can be modified. To delete an application form the home page, click on it for a few seconds with the Air Mouse. Then, drag and drop it on the red cross. To move an application to a new location, you just have to drag and drop it to a new location. To add a new application previously installed, click on the Applications icon (second icon from the left). Then, click the selected application for a few seconds. The Home Page will appear. Drag and drop the application on the wanted location. You can also drag and drop associed widgets.

NOTE: To stop the process of an application in use, go to "Settings / Apps", click on the application you want to stop, then click "Force Stop" on the application settings. To uninstall, please click on the Uninstall button located on the same application settings page.

PDF Click here to download Zappiti Player 4K Quick Start Guide (Print PDF - 3 MB)
PDF Click here to download Zappiti Player 4K Mini Quick Start Guide (PDF - 4 MB)
PDF Click here to download Zappiti Player 4K Duo Quick Start Guide (Print PDF - 4.4 MB)



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