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Zappiti Video


Changes in version 4.26.266


  • Adaptation of the Zappiti Video application code for the new range of Zappiti players (Zappiti Neo, Reference and Signature).

  • Zappiti Server on Synology is now supported via Docker to be compatible with DSM 7.0 (DiskStation Manager 7.0).



  • The speed of the scroll on PC has been adjusted.

  • The pooling of technical information has been improved.

  • Once an element has been identified in the list of unidentified, now the focus returns to the last row selected.

  • The last group chosen in the "Add to a group" option is now displayed on the first line



  • Fixed a file renaming issue on Zappiti NAS.
    Fixed bonuses and trailers that no longer worked on Zappiti Player.
    Fixed IMDB information not being retrieved anymore.
    Fixed multiple episodes sometimes disappearing after renaming or moving.
    Fixed offline mode not working after creation.
    Fixed IP commands transmitted over HTTP executing twice.
    Fixed the Cancel button displayed when choosing the launch mode of a Blu-ray which sometimes caused a bug that prevented it from launching another video.
    Fixed an issue that prevented playback from starting when a video did not yet have technical information

Changes in version 4.25.262
(no changes since the beta 4.25.256)


  • It is now possible to change the email associated with a collection.

  • TV shows are now analyzed with TMDB.



  • Addition of new categories.

  • Changed the Dolby Atmos logo for the silver theme.

  • Addition of an email confirmation sending when creating the account in order to improve security



  • Fixed an issue that caused the mobile app to stop unexpectedly depending on the orientation of the device.

  • Fixed an issue where the Cloud connection was sometimes not working correctly after an update.

  • Fixed trailers and additional (bonus) content no longer working on Zappiti players following a YouTube API update.

  • Fixed an issue that prevented technical information from being deleted.

  • Fixed an issue that recorded IP instead of hostname when configuring folders from Zappiti players.

  • Fixed keyword search no longer working on mobile apps and PC.

  • The seen / unseen option was no longer available for series and seasons.

  • The update of the Mac version was not done correctly.

  • Fixed an issue that prevented recovery of Zappiti DB images by default



  • Due to the change of TheTVDB terms of use, series can no longer be analyzed with TheTVDB database.