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Changes in version 4.25.262
(no changes since the beta 4.25.256)


  • It is now possible to change the email associated with a collection.

  • TV shows are now analyzed with TMDB.



  • Addition of new categories.

  • Changed the Dolby Atmos logo for the silver theme.

  • Addition of an email confirmation sending when creating the account in order to improve security



  • Fixed an issue that caused the mobile app to stop unexpectedly depending on the orientation of the device.

  • Fixed an issue where the Cloud connection was sometimes not working correctly after an update.

  • Fixed trailers and additional (bonus) content no longer working on Zappiti players following a YouTube API update.

  • Fixed an issue that prevented technical information from being deleted.

  • Fixed an issue that recorded IP instead of hostname when configuring folders from Zappiti players.

  • Fixed keyword search no longer working on mobile apps and PC.

  • The seen / unseen option was no longer available for series and seasons.

  • The update of the Mac version was not done correctly.

  • Fixed an issue that prevented recovery of Zappiti DB images by default



  • Due to the change of TheTVDB terms of use, series can no longer be analyzed with TheTVDB database.