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Changes in version 4.28.280


  • Addition of a pack of 20 new themes / skins (sold as an option on the Zappiti Store site).

  • Addition of the 'Demo trailers' function allowing to launch a video before the launch of a movie (DTS:X trailer, Dolby Atmos or other).

  • Addition of a dedicated Module for personal videos.

  • Addition of a customization window for the appearance of covers (reflections, icons or other).



  • Optimization of the general performance and navigation.



  • Fixed navigation issues.

  • Fixed an issue that caused a bug when switching themes.

  • Added a technical logo for the Auro3D audio codec.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented the launch of videos when the technical information was not present in the synopsis page.

Changes in version 4.27.278


  • Animated backgrounds (Zappiti DV series and Zappiti 4K HDR Series). More info...

  • Added cache management window.

  • New offline mode with local server support.

  • Addition of many new special banners including “Ultimate Cut”, “Unrated Edition”, “4K Ultra HD - Disc 1 and 2”, “Blu-ray Extended Edition”, “DVD Limited Edition”, “Colored Version”, Black & White Version”, “IMAX”, “IMAX 3D”, “THX”, “3D”, “8K”, “HD”, “SD”, “70mm”, “CinemaScope”, ”Cinerama”, “Blu-ray Pure Audio”, “Making-of”, “One Man Show”, “Laserdisc”, “Concert”, 'Documentary”, etc. More info...

  • Optimization of the 2.35:1 mode and variation of themes in 2.35:1 two-line and three-line mode, and optimization of the synopses (plots) and of all the settings and options windows.

  • Modification of the black to transparent gradient of the background of the synopsis for more transparency in order to let animated and fixed backgrounds appear more.

  • Added 2 Trinnov trailers in DTS:X Pro and Dolby Atmos accessible from a dedicated widget.



  • Redesign of the “Edit” panel and optimization of the edit functions using the Zappiti remote control.
    Standardization of theme elements to simplify the development of future graphic themes



  • Fixed an issue that closed the synopsis page when changing viewing status in a synopsis.

  • Fixed “remote control help” that does not display correctly on Zappiti DV Series media players.

  • Fixed an issue where home videos were sometimes being flagged.

  • Fixed soundtrack audio volume going back to 1 each time the application is started.

  • Fixed CSVs no longer being sent by email.

  • Fixed the alphabetical sorting of categories which did not take into account the categories created manually.

  • Fixed identification of technical info not working on ISO files on Zappiti DV Series media players.

Changes in version 4.26.274


  • New “Aurora” theme (skin) available for purchase.

  • Adding the new version of various logos including all DTS and Dolby logos.



  • By default, the background pictures without texts are now displayed for better integration to the synopsis page.



  • Zappiti Share content was not displayed correctly.

  • Fixed a bug that sometimes blocked detection of local drives.

Changes in version 4.26.266


  • Adaptation of the Zappiti Video application code for the new range of Zappiti players (Zappiti Neo, Reference and Signature).

  • Zappiti Server on Synology is now supported via Docker to be compatible with DSM 7.0 (DiskStation Manager 7.0).



  • The speed of the scroll on PC has been adjusted.

  • The pooling of technical information has been improved.

  • Once an element has been identified in the list of unidentified, now the focus returns to the last row selected.

  • The last group chosen in the "Add to a group" option is now displayed on the first line



  • Fixed a file renaming issue on Zappiti NAS.

  • Fixed bonuses and trailers that no longer worked on Zappiti Player.

  • Fixed IMDB information not being retrieved anymore.

  • Fixed multiple episodes sometimes disappearing after renaming or moving.

  • Fixed offline mode not working after creation.

  • Fixed IP commands transmitted over HTTP executing twice.

  • Fixed the Cancel button displayed when choosing the launch mode of a Blu-ray which sometimes caused a bug that prevented it from launching another video.

  • Fixed an issue that prevented playback from starting when a video did not yet have technical information

Changes in version 4.25.262
(no changes since the beta 4.25.256)


  • It is now possible to change the email associated with a collection.

  • TV shows are now analyzed with TMDB.



  • Addition of new categories.

  • Changed the Dolby Atmos logo for the silver theme.

  • Addition of an email confirmation sending when creating the account in order to improve security



  • Fixed an issue that caused the mobile app to stop unexpectedly depending on the orientation of the device.

  • Fixed an issue where the Cloud connection was sometimes not working correctly after an update.

  • Fixed trailers and additional (bonus) content no longer working on Zappiti players following a YouTube API update.

  • Fixed an issue that prevented technical information from being deleted.

  • Fixed an issue that recorded IP instead of hostname when configuring folders from Zappiti players.

  • Fixed keyword search no longer working on mobile apps and PC.

  • The seen / unseen option was no longer available for series and seasons.

  • The update of the Mac version was not done correctly.

  • Fixed an issue that prevented recovery of Zappiti DB images by default



  • Due to the change of TheTVDB terms of use, series can no longer be analyzed with TheTVDB database.

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