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Firmware Updates
for Zappiti DV Media Players

Firmware Updates for Zappiti Signature, Zappiti Reference and Zappiti Neo

Changes in version 221222
1. Fixed resume playback feature.
2. Fix for chapters in MKV not working when launching MKV from Zappiti Video.
3. Fix for BD menu video playback sometimes displayed in 1/4 of screen.
4. Auto resolution and auto framerate now supported also for DVD-Video (same as for files / BD).
5. UP/DOWN should work as FF/REW - implemented for DVD-Video at the moment; for regular files and BD Lite will be implemented in next firmware.
6. Replace the name of the skin "Blur" by "Aurora".
7. For the next firmwares, it will be possible to update via USB using "zappiti_firmware.zff" in the root of USB flash drive.
8. Adding a patch to fix the DTS-HD MA that may not work on some AV receivers (click here to download).
9. Adding of reset file support: boot with empty file with this named "zappiti_boot_reset_settings.flag" in the root of USB flash drive to reset the settings.
10. Updating of Hungarian, French and German translations.
11. REPEAT button of the RC now switch through repeat off/all/one modes ("repeat one" mode added).
12. Fix A/V desync issues
13. Fix BD3D support
14. Fixed an issue that caused the Zappiti to restart
15. Improvements of streaming video display in particular on DRM encrypted streams.
16. The A/V sync setting is now remembered.
17. Improvement of external subtitle support.
18. Various stability improvements, bug fixes and other improvements.