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Firmware Updates
for Zappiti DV Media Players

Firmware Updates for Zappiti Signature, Zappiti Reference and Zappiti Neo

Changes in version 221103

1. Updated Zappiti skins.

2. Adding specific codes for future features dedicated to Zappiti Video including the favorite scenes.

3. New choice "Nothing" is now available in the settings "Setup / Misc / Display" => "Show for video", "Show for audio". Supported on all models (Signature, Reference, Neo).

4. ASPECT button on the RC: quickly switches Hi-Fi audio output (switching between audio analog and digital) on Reference and Signature. (Note: it works only in the main menu and during file playback; Note: when using it during file playback, it sometimes may not work properly, especially when doing a lot of actions very quickly.)

5. Zappiti Explorer: Added shortcut access to 10-90% of the list using the buttons 1-9 of the RC.

6. Improvements in SMB client/server functionality.

7. Optimized audio buffering and support for A/V sync correction.

8. Fix of minor multichannel audio issues.

9. Updated translation.

10. Minor other fixes.

Online Installation Procedure:
1.  Connect your Zappiti to Internet.
2. Turn-ON your Zappiti.
3. A pop-up window should appear. Follow the on-screen procedure.

Changes in version 220709

This release is strictly identical to Beta 220607 except for the following:

1. Improved translations of different languages.
2. Added Portuguese language.

Online Installation Procedure:
1.  Connect your Zappiti to Internet.
2. Turn-ON your Zappiti.
3. A pop-up window should appear. Follow the on-screen procedure.

Changes in version 211222

1. Fixed resume playback feature.
2. Fix for chapters in MKV not working when launching MKV from Zappiti Video.
3. Fix for BD menu video playback sometimes displayed in 1/4 of screen.
4. Auto resolution and auto framerate now supported also for DVD-Video (same as for files / BD).
5. UP/DOWN should work as FF/REW - implemented for DVD-Video at the moment; for regular files and BD Lite will be implemented in next firmware.
6. Replace the name of the skin "Blur" by "Aurora".
7. For the next firmwares, it will be possible to update via USB using "zappiti_firmware.zff" in the root of USB flash drive.
8. Adding a patch to fix the DTS-HD MA that may not work on some AV receivers (click here to download).
9. Adding of reset file support: boot with empty file with this named "zappiti_boot_reset_settings.flag" in the root of USB flash drive to reset the settings.
10. Updating of Hungarian, French and German translations.
11. REPEAT button of the RC now switch through repeat off/all/one modes ("repeat one" mode added).
12. Fix A/V desync issues
13. Fix BD3D support
14. Fixed an issue that caused the Zappiti to restart
15. Improvements of streaming video display in particular on DRM encrypted streams.
16. The A/V sync setting is now remembered.
17. Improvement of external subtitle support.
18. Various stability improvements, bug fixes and other improvements.

Changes in version 220607 (beta)

1. Add chapter navigation in DVD during playback.
2. Turn the HDDs in Sleep Mode after some time when the HDDs are not used (for instance, when playing streaming video).
3. Add new options for the OLED display:
- Time elapsed
- Time left
- Big title, elapsed and total time
- Big title, elapsed time and remaining time
- Title small, elapsed and total time
- Small title, elapsed time and remaining time
- Clock
4. More volume positions in the volume control (32 positions instead of 16).
5. Improved player startup.
6. Fix the Arabic subtitle display (separated letters issue).
7. Add Fast Forward and Fast Rewind with Up and Down arrows buttons of the RC.
8. Fix for HDR problem with movies mastered in HDR4000 and HDR10000 (4,000 and 10,000 Nits).
9. Fix for Thai subtitle problem (letters too small and numbers too big).
10. Widescreen 2.35:1 mode for the general interface including the homepage, the settings and the info during playback (overlay). The user can enable it in Setup / Appearance. To set the Widescreen mode in Zappiti Video, open the app Zappiti Video, go to Settings > Tools > Theme > Theme variation.
11. Fixed translations of different languages.
12. Fixed a clipping issue that could occur on DTS-HD MA audio tracks.
13. Fixed a maximum sound volume issue that could occur when starting the player.
14. Improvement of the direct output function. 
- 720p23/24 content -> 1080p23/24 (instead of 3:2 pulldown frequency conversion to 720p59/60).
- 720p25 content -> Conversion to 720p50 (double frequency instead of upscaling to 1080p25).
15. Adding various codes for future Zappiti Video features.
16. Fixed an issue with the contrast setting that displayed an incorrect value when restarting a video.
17. Fixed an audio/video desynchronization issue that could occur in some cases when playing audio via Bluetooth or USB audio.
18. Fixed a streaming video playback crash issue that could occur when resuming playback after pausing on some Android apps.
19. Improved CEC support.
20. Fixed an ExFAT partition formatting issue that could occur on large volumes.
21. Improved general Android app support.
22. Improved sound support for Android apps.
23. Fixed rare player crash issues (reboot) that could occur when stopping videos from playing.
24. Various fixes and general performance improvements.

Installation procedure:
1. Download the file according to your Zappiti model.
2. Place the file on a USB flash drive.
3. Connect the drive to your Zappiti.
4. Turn-ON your Zappiti.
5. Open Zappiti Explorer.
6. Open the drive.
7. Open the firmware file and follow the on screen procedure.

Please click here to download the firmware file....

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